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Wim Hof Breathing Exercise Explained In 6 Steps

You might have heard the name Wim Hof and his latest techniques have seen a record number of people interested in finding inner strength. His methods and practices are truly amongst the most interesting today and there seems to be more and more people trying it out.

However, the Wim Hof breathing exercises are not as difficult as you would think but you still need to be careful when trying them. These can place enormous pressure on the body and you should always talk to a doctor before trying them. If you want to learn a little more about the breathing exercises, read on to find just six simple steps that might help you.

Find a Comfortable and Quite Spot

First and foremost, you need an area within the home that’s quiet and peaceful. Ideally, you want enough space to be able to lie down or to stretch out. If you have a large bedroom where you won’t be disturbed, it might be the best spot for you. However, a living room would be sufficient too as long as you can stretch you arms or legs out. The Wim Hof method can require some room to practice.

Time to Do Your Power Breaths

Have you ever blown up a balloon? If you have, you know you use some power breaths to blow air into the balloon and these power breaths are the same without the balloon. You need to breath in and out quickly to do your power breaths and it needs to be done around twenty to thirty times in quick succession. Wim Hof does sometimes do more than thirty but you don’t have to. If you are more comfortable with twenty or less that is fine.

You Must Hold Your Breath

The next step in the Wim Hof method is to empty your body of air and then hold your breath. When you have done your power breaths you should ensure you exhale and let all the air leave your body. Once you have done that, you can hold your breath for as long as you can manage. This can be a little tough to do if you aren’t good at holding your breath for more than a few seconds but it doesn’t matter how short you do it for.

Inhale and Hold

Once you have done the above steps, it’s time to inhale once again and hold it for around ten seconds. When the ten seconds are up you and exhale. This should help you feel rejuvenated and a lot better too. It will also get a lot easier as you try the Wim Hof exercises a few times and don’t worry if you aren’t very good at reaching the ten second mark.

Repeat and Try Again

Once you have inhaled and held your breath, it’s now time to try the whole thing again. That might be hard to do so try and it’s OK if you don’t quite reach it. You will get better as you try more and more so it’s no race to complete. The Wim Hof method can seem like a lot when you haven’t tried it before.Get more tips from


breathing exerciseThe last step in the Wim Hof exercises has to be meditation. Now, meditating isn’t as difficult as you would think and it offers great time to reflect. You should only do this for around five minutes or so. Keep your eyes close and try to shut out all distractions and noise and you might become more self aware. Meditation can be the simplest part of the exercises.

Enjoy the Wim Hof Exercise

This exercise can seem like a lot but once you try it a few times, it’ll become far easier and much simpler to try as well. You might have some trouble with it at first but again as you try it it’ll become second nature to you—hopefully! Why not try the Wim Hof method and see if it can work for you?


The Wim Hof Method Revealed – How to Consciously Control Your Immune System

The Wim Hof method has been recently coming to the forefront and people are quite shocked at what his method can apparently offer. You wouldn’t think someone would be able to go into an icy pit of cold water and ice with only a pair of swimming shorts would be able to stand the ice. Yet, Wim Hof can and he says it’s all down to his method of breathing and creating a stronger internal you. However, is it really possible to control your immune system with the Wim Hof method? Read on to find out more.

The Aim?

With his personal method, Wim Hof believes it is very much possible to consciously be able to control your immune system. What’s more, he also says his method can help you fight diseases of the immune system and keep your body stronger and more alert. As we all know, if our immune system is strong, we are generally healthier and have the ability to fight diseases and remain in fairly good condition. The Wim Hof breathing technique can certainly open your eyes to something very new and it might just be able to help fight off diseases more so and in more people.

The Wim Hof Method

There are two main principals to this method; firstly, there is the yoga breathing part and meditation. However, it’s very different from what we know; Wim Hof did these things but in extremely cold temperatures. He managed to be able to withstand terribly cold weather as well as extremely hot weather without flinching. It is all down to his technique and method. It begins with the Wim Hof breathing exercise. Have you ever dealt with hyperventilation before? If you have, the breathing exercise is something like that when you try to control your breathing once again. It is all about rapid breathing so when you do this you take in more oxygen and in a sense allows you to get high from oxygen. It’s a strange concept, but its how it works.Read post from

How to Take Part in the Wim Hof Method?

To take part of the method you must start off by getting into a meditation posture. You can sit with your legs crossed on a comfortable yoga mat or however you feel most comfortable.

Close your eyes and have enough space around you to move and stretch if you need to. Take a few deep breaths and inhale; hold for a moment and exhale. You can do this for a few times until your body warms up. Now, it’s time for the power breaths; you can do up to twenty or thirty power breaths. It’s like blowing up a balloon; you need to pretend that that’s what you’re doing if it helps. You should hopefully feel the negative energy flowing away. Once you have done your power breaths, hold for a few seconds and exhale. Recover your breathing as normal and there you have it. The Wim Hof breathing method is quite unusual and yet it is said to help.

A Word of Warning

breathingHowever, it is wise not to attempt this without first seeing a medical doctor. Everyone is different and their bodies can react differently to different things so it’ll be crucial to discuss this with a doctor and ensure you are in good health before attempting this. It’s a way to help ensure you remain safe and don’t injure yourself while attempting the Wim Hof breathing technique. Also, don’t think about doing this when you’re underwater or when you’re in a car as you could hurt yourself.Click this site for more details!

Take Your Time

This method is something which can put a lot of strain onto the body so you do need to ensure you speak to a doctor before trying this. What’s more, if you can’t reach the thirty power breaths why not start off with half of them and work your work up? This can be a more suitable way to start for those who have never tried something like this before. Also, your body needs time to adjust to this too. The Wim Hof method can be unusual and yet it’s said it can possibly help create a stronger immune system.