Could this Wim Hof Method breathing technique help fight obesity?

On the off chance that we initiate dark colored fat, we can eat increasingly and not put on weight. It could be assistance in the battle against stoutness, diabetes and heart issues.” Prof Sir Stephen Bloom, Imperial College London. In my last post, I expounded on the principle Wim Hof Method breathing activity that I’ve been honing each day throughout the previous nine weeks.

What is dark colored fat?

“A dull-hued fat tissue with many veins, engaged with the quick generation of warmth in resting creatures and human children.” Google word reference definition. As per Wim Hof, darker fat is a kind of fat tissue that produces warm and can help to altogether anticipate and battle stoutness. Hof likewise clarifies that dark-colored fat assumes an essential job in keeping up body temperature in creatures and people, and strikingly, large individuals have almost no of it.

I likewise found an ongoing NHS article on dark colored fat, which expresses that “darker fat is found generally in infants, who are more inclined to warm misfortune and can’t shudder to keep themselves warm. Dark colored fat remunerates by consuming calories to make warm.” The article proceeds to state that as we age, we have to a lesser degree a requirement for darker fat, and subsequently, the dark-colored fat gets supplanted with white fat (the terrible sort of fat) which makes us put on more weight as we get more established.

My own encounters with dark-colored fat and honing the Wim Hof Method

Around five weeks into honing the Wim Hof method — which included breathing activities, submerging myself in chilly temperatures and doing everyday physical activities — I had somebody readings done by a nutritionist. I presently work low maintenance doing exercise with youngsters, for an association that gets corpulent kids and grown-ups sound once more. At the point when individuals join, they complete a wide range of readings which incorporates weight, tallness, BMI, circulatory strain, and also more subtle readings, for example, evaluated metabolic age.

Amid one session, I likewise got the opportunity to perceive what my readings were and found that I had an expected metabolic age 15 years more youthful than my real age which is 29, which makes my digestion just 14 years of age! It would have been fascinating to perceive what my perusing would have been before the Wim Hof Method — I have an inclination it would have been significantly higher, as every other people was truly exact. When I began to find out about darker fat and its job in counteracting heftiness, I wound up persuaded that the Wim Hof Method had really sped my digestion up and in addition enhancing my insusceptible framework.

Dark colored fat — the science

I realize that the name ‘dark-colored fat’ doesn’t sound especially engaging,however, it’s the great kind of fat that consumes calories, and keep us solid. White fat, then again stores abundance calories in the body.


Fortunately, you don’t need to be an infant to have bunches of darker fat in your body — there are various ways you can enact it. General exercise is one path, alongside eating apples, and through honing the Wim Hof Method.

Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make us Superhuman

Wim Hof is a man who has eluded all logic and he has done all of these things while being scrutinized scientifically. Among other things, he is a world record holder of being submerged in ice for almost 2 hours without any changes to his core body temperature. Also, he has climbed Mount Everest in nothing but a pair of shorts, and run a marathon in the desert without drinking any water. He has even proven in a laboratory setting that he can withstand illnesses using the power of his mind. Using a combination of cold immersion, breathing techniques and mental focus, anyone can accomplish feats that were previously thought to be impossible.

Wim Taught us to Have Some Faith

Growing up in the 21st century, we are naturally skeptical of everything we read on the internet. But to put Wim Hof’s method to the test, we would have to suspend our disbelief because no true miracle can be accomplished without some faith. But there have been hundreds of people throughout history in the past 4,000 years who have claimed to be able to do all sorts of miracles by controlling their body, using the power of meditation and breathing. What makes Wim Hof different is that he is the first one who can actually do it. Absolutely not the first one who is able to do this but he is the first person to bring it to science and to take away the speculation around it.

Wim Hof Subjected Himself to Laboratory Test

In order to revolutionalize our understanding of physiology, Wim decided to use his body as a laboratory. In one of such occasions in 2011, he subjected himself to a test which involves that he be injected with a bacterial endotoxin. This experiment would later come to challenge our understanding of the nervous system as Wim Hof was able to make his body to secrete adrenaline, thereby suppressing his immune response. This injection when administered to a normal human being is meant to cause strong immune response but not with Wim. What this method has taught us is that we can influence our immune system at will. Scientists couldn’t believe this test result and merely felt Wim was some kind of freak of nature.

Is Wim Hof a Freak of Nature?                           

To prove he wasn’t just a freak of nature, the same experiment was performed on twelve of those who Wim had trained in this technique and to the awe of the scientists the same results as with Wim was what they got. Wim was able to increase his adrenaline levels to a concentration that was even higher than those doing bungee jumping for the first time. That was something that we didn’t think possible before that. If we learn to influence our immune system at will, we could potentially use that to treat inflammatory disorders where the immune system is overactive, including Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

One of the reasons it has been so difficult for Wim to get his method accepted by a scientific establishment is that it is inimical to our society’s view of the body and medicine. Wim’s figured out a way to influence the immune system without the use of pharmaceuticals and that could have big ramifications for people with inflammatory disorders. Wim Hof has made us to know that breathing like him can make us superhuman.


Wim Hof breathing exercise explained in 6 steps



Wim Hof is well known for being able to run marathons barefoot across snow and immerse his nude body in freezing conditions for extended intervals, but the Wim Hof Method also allows the specialist to go more deeply into the body and mind. It’s essentially, a remarkably powerful form of deep breathing.

During the last few months, I am practising the Wim Hof Method which some individuals suggest is comparable to the old Tibetan inner heating practice called Tummo. Although the Wim Hof Method requires a lot more than the respiration below, I needed to share with you the main electric power breath exercise I’ve been doing every morning for two calendar months. In the event that you meditate following the power breathing exercise, you should find yourself in a significant deeply relaxed condition of meditation very quickly.

Get comfortable

Find a comfortable location to do your deep breathing exercises where you won’t be disturbed. You are able to sit or lie on your rear, but do not do this exercise whilst generating or taking a stand.

Do 30-40 power breaths

Once you’re comfortable, you can start to inhale-exhale 30 times. That is essentially deep wimhof breathing at a steady tempo in and out through the mouth area. Inhale totally but don’t exhale completely out. As you may breathe in you should feel your tummy surge and on the exhale, you should feel your abdominal fall. It may feel a little like you are hyperventilating, nevertheless, you are in control. Like me, you may even feel a tingling or lightheaded discomfort throughout your entire body, when you do that for the first time. This is flawlessly normal.

  1. Maintain your breath

After doing 30-40 Wim Hof vitality breaths, vacant your bronchi of air and wthhold the breath for so long as you can without make. Through the retention, I found it relaxing to close my eye and give attention to the area between my eyes. Just remember to set a stopwatch if you’re interested in documenting your results. You might want to observe how you improvement with the breathing retentions if you intend to get this done regularly over a set period of time.

  1. Breathe for 10 seconds

After the breath retention, take a breath in and maintain it for an additional 10-15 mere seconds, before exhaling.

  1. Do it again steps 1-4

Repeat the whole process for another three rounds. Be sure you record your times down, so you can monitor your progression.

  1. Meditate after 4 rounds of vitality breathing

After the ability breaths, you can then go into your regular practise of deep breathing or meditate for five minutes if you’re a complete beginner by shutting your eyes, delivering your awareness to your breathing and concentrating on the space in the middle of your eyes.

Over time, you can steadily increase the amount of time you spend in meditation following the ability breaths, but five minutes is sufficient for a starter.

Much like any new meditation or breathing technique, if it doesn’t feel right, stop doing it and trust your intuition. If you found the energy breath exercise useful, I’m going to be posting up more articles about the Wim Hof Method over another few months.

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The Wim Hof Method to Consciously Control Your Immune System 


Recently a research was made on the Wim Hof method, who got more than twenty world annals with enduring thrilling temperature. He was the one, who mounted Kilimanjaro and Everest. While he was only wearing shoes in his feet and shorts on his body in cold temperatures on top of these mountains. He can restfully stay in ice baths for a long period. Not on only this he also won a marathon in the longest desert without any food and water at 50 degrees’ temperature.

He used the Wim Hof method to accomplish these achievements. It is an inhalation technique which is used to control autonomous system of the body.

The Process

This method resembles with yogic breathing that is pranayama and meditation and Tummo which is defined regarding internal heat. Following is given the compilation of all stages of this method:

  1. Get relaxed and close your eyes:

Sitting in a comfortable posture which is most comfy for you. You must be certain that your lungs can easily inflate without any constrains. It is suggested that this action must be done with empty stomach means right after waking up in the morning.

  1. Deep inhaling:

Taking deep breaths until you feel a minor compression on your solar plexus or your chest. Hold your breath and then release it as much as you can. Recap this warm up for at least fifteen times.

  1. Strong Wim Hof Breathing:

Next step of Wim Hof method is taking in thirty strong breaths just like you are propelling a balloon. Taking in fresh air via the nose and blow out through mouth is one of very powerful kind of breath. When you take in a breath, the abdomen will drag out. And when you breathe out, the belly is pulled inside. Use your diaphragm while keeping a stable leap. Perform this for approximately thirty times till your body is filled up with oxygen. You will feel your body more energetic, lightened and warm.

  1. Deep investigation of body parts:

Next method applied by Wim Hof was to probe your body and understand it completely. This step involves the entire scanning of your body. Taking in the notice of every part of your body and then realizing which part is the lack of energy and which part is spilling over. It will help you to open obstructions via using energy waves.

  1. The Grasp of breath:

Now fill your lungs with air with full capacity without using much potency. Exhale and hold as much as you can. Don’t let air coming inside your body. It will open all the air passages in your body and air will diffuse all over the body. Again clench your breath unless you feel gulp reflex on your chest.

  1. Recapturing Breath:

Now do theWim Hofbreathing with full capacity, and hold breath for once more. Release pressure if any in solar plexus. For fifteen seconds loosen your chin to the chest. Energy is now flowing with your awareness. Now take notice of your body parts so that you may investigate blockages, see more :





breathing exercise

Wim Hof Breathing Exercise Explained In 6 Steps

You might have heard the name Wim Hof and his latest techniques have seen a record number of people interested in finding inner strength. His methods and practices are truly amongst the most interesting today and there seems to be more and more people trying it out.

However, the Wim Hof breathing exercises are not as difficult as you would think but you still need to be careful when trying them. These can place enormous pressure on the body and you should always talk to a doctor before trying them. If you want to learn a little more about the breathing exercises, read on to find just six simple steps that might help you.

Find a Comfortable and Quite Spot

First and foremost, you need an area within the home that’s quiet and peaceful. Ideally, you want enough space to be able to lie down or to stretch out. If you have a large bedroom where you won’t be disturbed, it might be the best spot for you. However, a living room would be sufficient too as long as you can stretch you arms or legs out. The Wim Hof method can require some room to practice.

Time to Do Your Power Breaths

Have you ever blown up a balloon? If you have, you know you use some power breaths to blow air into the balloon and these power breaths are the same without the balloon. You need to breath in and out quickly to do your power breaths and it needs to be done around twenty to thirty times in quick succession. Wim Hof does sometimes do more than thirty but you don’t have to. If you are more comfortable with twenty or less that is fine.

You Must Hold Your Breath

The next step in the Wim Hof method is to empty your body of air and then hold your breath. When you have done your power breaths you should ensure you exhale and let all the air leave your body. Once you have done that, you can hold your breath for as long as you can manage. This can be a little tough to do if you aren’t good at holding your breath for more than a few seconds but it doesn’t matter how short you do it for.

Inhale and Hold

Once you have done the above steps, it’s time to inhale once again and hold it for around ten seconds. When the ten seconds are up you and exhale. This should help you feel rejuvenated and a lot better too. It will also get a lot easier as you try the Wim Hof exercises a few times and don’t worry if you aren’t very good at reaching the ten second mark.

Repeat and Try Again

Once you have inhaled and held your breath, it’s now time to try the whole thing again. That might be hard to do so try and it’s OK if you don’t quite reach it. You will get better as you try more and more so it’s no race to complete. The Wim Hof method can seem like a lot when you haven’t tried it before.Get more tips from


breathing exerciseThe last step in the Wim Hof exercises has to be meditation. Now, meditating isn’t as difficult as you would think and it offers great time to reflect. You should only do this for around five minutes or so. Keep your eyes close and try to shut out all distractions and noise and you might become more self aware. Meditation can be the simplest part of the exercises.

Enjoy the Wim Hof Exercise

This exercise can seem like a lot but once you try it a few times, it’ll become far easier and much simpler to try as well. You might have some trouble with it at first but again as you try it it’ll become second nature to you—hopefully! Why not try the Wim Hof method and see if it can work for you?