The Wim Hof Method to Consciously Control Your Immune System 


Recently a research was made on the Wim Hof method, who got more than twenty world annals with enduring thrilling temperature. He was the one, who mounted Kilimanjaro and Everest. While he was only wearing shoes in his feet and shorts on his body in cold temperatures on top of these mountains. He can restfully stay in ice baths for a long period. Not on only this he also won a marathon in the longest desert without any food and water at 50 degrees’ temperature.

He used the Wim Hof method to accomplish these achievements. It is an inhalation technique which is used to control autonomous system of the body.

The Process

This method resembles with yogic breathing that is pranayama and meditation and Tummo which is defined regarding internal heat. Following is given the compilation of all stages of this method:

  1. Get relaxed and close your eyes:

Sitting in a comfortable posture which is most comfy for you. You must be certain that your lungs can easily inflate without any constrains. It is suggested that this action must be done with empty stomach means right after waking up in the morning.

  1. Deep inhaling:

Taking deep breaths until you feel a minor compression on your solar plexus or your chest. Hold your breath and then release it as much as you can. Recap this warm up for at least fifteen times.

  1. Strong Wim Hof Breathing:

Next step of Wim Hof method is taking in thirty strong breaths just like you are propelling a balloon. Taking in fresh air via the nose and blow out through mouth is one of very powerful kind of breath. When you take in a breath, the abdomen will drag out. And when you breathe out, the belly is pulled inside. Use your diaphragm while keeping a stable leap. Perform this for approximately thirty times till your body is filled up with oxygen. You will feel your body more energetic, lightened and warm.

  1. Deep investigation of body parts:

Next method applied by Wim Hof was to probe your body and understand it completely. This step involves the entire scanning of your body. Taking in the notice of every part of your body and then realizing which part is the lack of energy and which part is spilling over. It will help you to open obstructions via using energy waves.

  1. The Grasp of breath:

Now fill your lungs with air with full capacity without using much potency. Exhale and hold as much as you can. Don’t let air coming inside your body. It will open all the air passages in your body and air will diffuse all over the body. Again clench your breath unless you feel gulp reflex on your chest.

  1. Recapturing Breath:

Now do theWim Hofbreathing with full capacity, and hold breath for once more. Release pressure if any in solar plexus. For fifteen seconds loosen your chin to the chest. Energy is now flowing with your awareness. Now take notice of your body parts so that you may investigate blockages, see more :