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The first official Shorinji Kempo branch in Canada commenced operations in 1980 and this was followed by multiple branches opening across the nation.

The Shorinji Kempo branches of Canada have collaborated closely to advance the teachings and techniques of the art as specified by the World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO) Headquarters in Japan.

Canadian Shorinji Kempo branches have held numerous official WSKO training events in Canada (see ACTIVITIES) in addition to regional events and fundraisers for charity.

In 2013, we formed the Canadian Shorinji Kempo Federation (CSKF) to serve as the official vehicle for our activities. The CSKF was incorporated as a federal non-profit organization the following year.


To promote harmonious relations, friendships, mutual aid and a sense of solidarity among the members of the Federation, ensure the smooth operation of each participating branch, and promote activities intended to popularize and develop Shorinji Kempo in Canada.


(i) Hosting and supporting Shorinji Kempo events such as taikai, training camps, study sessions and/or seminars etc;

(ii) Conducting grading examinations in accordance with WSKO authority and requirements;

(iii) Training and development of mentors and/or leaders of Shorinji Kempo;

(iv) Processing and managing memberships;

(v) Mentoring and counseling of members;

(vi) Conducting Branch Master Qualification seminars;

(vii) Collaborating with Shorinji Kempo Unity in protecting the name "Shorinji Kempo" and all of its logo marks such as trademarks, service marks, logo or the like, and preventing misuse by other organizations or persons in Canada; and

(viii) Implementing other activities as necessary to achieve the stated purposes.


Federation Info


President: John McCulloch

Vice-President & Secretary: Ryoichi Oka

Treasurer: Brian Sison



John McCulloch

Ken Noda

Masateru Okuma

Ron Ozols

Ryoichi Oka


Past Presidents

2021-2023: John McCulloch

2019-2021: Masateru Okuma

2017-2019: Masaaki Hashimoto

2015-2017: Masaaki Hashimoto

2013-2015: Ken Noda


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